Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Prarrie Grove 2010

I got to go out to Parrie Grove for the reenactment this year. It was my first event in almost 3 years! It was fun. I think I've been there 2 times before and as always it was a good time. I had to leave early Sunday morning so I really only got to be in Saturday's events. As always the guys came in throughout the night and were out to have a good time. I knew about half the guys in the unit, the rest being guys who came after I joined the AF. Saturday morning we got woke up with the instructions to get up because we have "stuff to do". Needless to say this set us all to laughing an joking about it. Drill wasn't bad but I really had a hard time remembering it all. After an arms inspection we went back to camp and got a chance to eat.

After a quick lunch we got ready and headed out for the fight. We marched down onto the battle field and waited. Not much has changed as far as military life goes so we hurried up and waited. Then the cannons started a thundering and the cavary start riding out and fighting but still no sign of the yankee infantree. We just waited and watched for a while until the yankees brought up their infantree then the fight really got going. We pressed down and then got pushed back up a large hill. We reformed and pushed back down. When we pushed back down we had about 4 of us left from our unit. We fought back and forth and the bottom of the hill and I took a hit about the same place we started the fight at.

The real battle was a draw so it was a good represntation of real history. After the battle we went back to camp where the pay master came around and we got 2 months pay. Then we waited for the spectators to leave so we could break down and get out some modern food and drinks.

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